WizzAir’s rules for hand luggage: weight, dimensions, fares

WizzAir baggage is one of those things that worries low cost travellers because there is no general rule for all airlines. If you have booked a WizzAir flight and are wondering if you can take a piece of hand luggage or what the size of the WizzAir hand luggage is and what weight it has to respect, just read this article. To avoid any kind of anxiety before your departure, let’s make it a little clearer. You will find the dimensions and weights allowed by WizzAir in the useful hand luggage guide.

  • Dimensions of WizzAir hand baggage with basic fare
  • The low-cost company WizzAir allows all passengers who fly to bring:
  • one hand bag (max. 40x30x20 cm, 10 kg), to be placed under the seat
  • Duty free items purchased at the airport after security checks

The basic fare therefore excludes larger hand luggage and checked-in luggage, while purchasing the WIZZ Priority fare (or the WIZZ Privilege Pass, WIZZ GO and WIZZ Plus packages) passengers can take on board a free hand bag (max 40x30x20 cm) and an additional trolley. Please note that this baggage must be a maximum of 55x40x23 cm with a maximum weight of 10 kg. Both bags will be carried in the cabin, with the exception of any operating restrictions.

Passengers without WIZZ Priority are entitled to travel with a free hand bag (max 40x30x20 cm) and if the bag exceeds these dimensions, a surcharge will be charged at the airport. The following personal items are allowed on board free of charge: coat or blanket, mobile phones, books and magazines, products purchased at duty free shops; there are also items for children under two years of age: food to be consumed during the flight, folding stroller or small cradle. In addition, an adult travelling with an infant is entitled to bring an additional hand bag for free (40x30x20 cm). A pair of crutches is also provided for passengers with disabilities.

In summary: since 2018 WizzAir and Ryanair have changed the rules of hand luggage and require passengers who want to take the classic trolley on board to purchase priority boarding.

All passengers who purchased their ticket before October 10, 2018 and who travel from November 1, 2018 will automatically receive an upgrade to the 10 kg checked baggage that was added to their reservation free of charge, to be delivered at the airport check-in for boarding. If you have booked 20 or 32 kg of baggage online, you will receive the WIZZ Priority, which allows you to take an additional trolley in the cabin with a maximum size of 55x40x23 cm.

What happens if I do not purchase priority boarding?

The trolley or suitcase will be checked in as checked-in baggage. Priority boarding and boarding in the hold of the 10 kg Wizz Air hand baggage will have the same price. Passengers who have not purchased WIZZ Priority and are carrying a bag or suitcase larger than 40x30x20 cm will have to pay an extra 25 EUR at the gate. If your baggage does not exceed the dimensions of 55x40x23 cm, it can be taken on board if there is room in the cabin hat box. Otherwise, your baggage will be placed in the hold.

Wizzair rules for adding baggage after online check-in

You can also change or purchase additional services after you have checked in online. If you want to add a piece of luggage by paying a surcharge ranging from 9 € to 72 € depending on the date of travel (high, low season), the mode of exchange (online, via call center or at the airport) the weight of checked baggage.

What does the WizzAir regulation foresee for checked baggage?

What if I want to bring a piece of checked baggage? WizzAir has recently introduced a new type of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 10 kg, in addition to the previous options of 20 and 32 kg. You can check in 1 bag of 10 kg, 2 bags of 20 kg or 3 bags of 32 kg. WizzAir does not allow different combinations of luggage online.

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