No show rule: didn’t you use the outbound flight? You can use the return ticket

You didn’t use your outward flight? Don’t worry because you can now use your return ticket.

If you are a traveler and often use planes for leisure and business trips, you know how common it is to buy a return ticket. Sometimes, however, you don’t take the outbound flight, but still want to use the return ticket. For a long time some airlines, in case of failure to use the outbound ticket, automatically canceled the return flight without refund.

This commercial practice, called “no show rule”is unfortunately tolerated by the European Union, which has left to individual member states the right to prohibit it or not.

In Italy, there is no specific legislation, but the Antitrust Authority has repeatedly intervened on this subject (among the latest resolution no. 24586 of 2013) stating that “The conduct consisting in cancelling the sequential return ticket, or in any case the request for a surcharge on the price imposed on the passenger who wants to make the return flight not having used the outbound leg, is an unfair commercial practice.

In October 2016, the Council of State, with sentence no. 4048/2016, in a no-show rule case brought by the Antitrust Authority involving Alitalia, definitively rejected this practice adopted by important airlines, including Lufthansa, Air France, KLM and ALITALIA.

With this decision, the Council of State did not consider illegitimate the “rule” applied by the airlines, but confirmed the inadequacy of the information provided to passengers for the use of “round-trip” flights that, in case of failure to use the first leg, they were forced to call their call centers 24 hours before departure.

Ryanair no show rule: no procedure for the return flight

Companies such as Ryanair, for example, do not require any communication or procedure in particular to avoid the cancellation of the return flight. If the traveler cannot make the outward flight, he can regularly use the same prehortation for the return by checking in for the individual route. Therefore, the outward flight will automatically expire but will not result in the cancellation of the reservation, at no additional cost.

Did you not use your outbound flight? Don’t worry anymore about the no show airfare rule!

Dear travelers, therefore, keep this information in mind for your future travel.

If for any reason you are unable to use your outbound ticket for a round-trip booking, we are obliged to ensure that you also have a return flight without any restrictions and without any special booking procedures.

As far as EU legislation is concerned, however, the no-show rule is not considered “denied boarding” and, therefore, the passenger is not entitled to compensation under Regulation (EC) No 261/2004.

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