How to carry your hand luggage? Vademecum for not making mistakes

Finally the long-awaited moment has arrived, you have booked the trip you’ve been dreaming of for so long, you just have to prepare your hand luggage. You’ll have to make very specific choices about clothing and items to bring, because as you know there are limitations on air travel. Therefore, you should know what, but above all what you can’t put in your hand luggage. You won’t have a lot of problems with suitcases in the hold, but you do need to know a few basic rules for preparing the perfect hand luggage for an airplane trip. 

In view of the departure we take a look at the fundamentals to always carry with you, the rules of the airlines and our advice to prepare a suitcase super organized and fit everything you need in a small space, without forgetting anything and, indeed, leave a little ‘space for some souvenirs.

What should not be missing:

  • Personal and travel documents
  • Linen, pashmina or scarf (also in summer)
  • Pyjamas and slippers
  • Charges the battery of your smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Basic medicines and first aid kits
  • Beauty with toothbrush, deodorant
  • Envelope for dirty laundry
  • Finally, take into account the temperatures of the destinations and decide on the appropriate clothing.

As well as knowing which accessories are essential, let’s see what rules you have to follow when transporting your personal belongings. In other words, if you also get confused about liquids or hand luggage sizes, here are the answers to your questions.

What are the dimensions of hand luggage?

Each airline will provide information on the weight of your checked baggage, the quality, size and weight of your carry-on baggage. Unfortunately, some airlines, especially low cost ones, often change their rules (e.g. the new Ryanair baggage sizes) so you should pay attention to the information given at the time of booking or on the website before arriving at the airport.

Let’s see the hand baggage sizes 2018, of the main airlines:

EasyJet: 56x45x25 cm, max 10 kg

Iberia: 56x45x25 cm, plus a personal accessory

Air France: 55x35x25 cm plus a personal accessory, total max 12 kg

Air Italy-Meridiana: 55x40x20 cm plus personal accessory, total max 8 kg

Alitalia 55X35X25 cm plus personal accessory, total max 8 kg.

British Airways 56x45x25 a personal accessory, total max 23 kg

Lufthansa: 55x40x23 cm, plus a personal accessory, total max 8 kg

Vueling: 55x40x20 cm, total max 10 kg

Wizz Air: 55x40x23, total max 10 kg

Ryanair carry-on baggage dimensions

The Irish airline needs to open a separate chapter because if you have purchased a Ryanair ticket, it is not possible to carry hand luggage unless you purchase priority boarding from €5 per route. The measures to be respected are 40x20x25, total max 10 kg.

Shaving foam, perfumes, medicines, milk for babies and liquids in hand luggage

All liquids will be examined and submitted during the security check, so our advice when preparing your luggage, is to insert only liquids in the format 100 ml, in the format-mini that you can also buy in perfumeries, or shops or at the airport duty free. As we said, liquids must be stored in containers with a capacity of more than 100 ml but you can take larger formats with you in the case of medicines and special food products (such as food or liquids for babies. Medicines should always be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription, preferably translated into English.

These rules apply at European Union airports, but may change in other countries.

First aid kits and medications in hand luggage

It is possible to bring life-saving medicines for health problems, but our advice is to provide you with medicines that may be useful during the flight but also during a long trip, so a small first aid kit: antipyretics, anti-inflammatories and analgesics, against pain, antidiarrheals, antibiotics, drugs for kinesiasis, eye drops, but also anti-mosquitoes, lactic ferments, patches.

Pay attention also to the medicines to be stored in the hold, because they could suffer a thermal shock in fact many drugs must be transported only in special refrigerated packages.

Beware of what you can not put in your hand luggage

In the airplane, therefore in your hand luggage, you can not bring blunt or cutting objects (no to multipurpose knives or scissors, pepper spray. Forget even your children’s toy weapons. No skateboards, baseball bats, matches, lighters, although in some security checks they may be left in the cabin.

Now, yes, you are ready to prepare the perfect baggage and leave!

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