5 ideas to fool waiting at the gate when you have a delayed flight

Are you a traveler? Do you have to travel often for work? Do you live in another country and as soon as you have the chance, do you take the opportunity to come home and embrace your family and friends? Then suppose you are forced to travel often by plane and therefore expect that during those long-awaited days, nothing and nobody will interfere with your trip.

And it is only when you arrive at the airport that you find that you can no longer depart because of an air delay or even worse, your flight has been cancelled. The anger that pervades you is inevitable, and so you begin to scan the minutes that pass as slow as boulders while every time you warn the speaker you hope it’s your flight departing!

But unfortunately still nothing, then you ask yourself: “What to do while waiting?” The options may be different, here are a few!

What to do at the airport to pass the time? 

1. Read a good book:

To deceive, you could take advantage of it to pick up the book that you insist on taking with you on every trip in the hope of having a few minutes to devote to reading, but that due to force majeure or laziness is always a nullified goal.

2. Shopping:

If the wait seems to be longer than expected, a nice stroll in search of some “bargain” between the shops of the airport could be a good diversion not to stand for hours on chairs near the gate.

3. Take advantage of this for a snack:

Take snacks from the vending machine or take advantage of the coffee bars inside the airport, knowing that on flights a bottle of water could cost you 5 euros is not a bad idea (of course only if you are not on a diet or short of money)!

4. Chatting with other travelers:

As everyone knows, airports are the crossroads of millions of passengers from all over the world. Taking advantage of these moments to chat with someone like you who is eagerly waiting to be boarded is a great opportunity to meet interesting people or maybe have some useful tips on your destination city.

5. Get your strength back and sleep at the airport:

Between the anxiety of the trip and the ride to the airport you haven’t had a moment of rest. You can take advantage now to close your eyes a little and get back in shape (but watch out for the flight, better to stay awake if you do not want to risk losing the plane). Very often we have to wait for a connecting flight, in this case you can stay at the airport at night taking a nap. 

Of course, do not forget to monitor the minutes that elapse between the scheduled time of departure for the flight and the actual time. If the flight delay exceeds 3 hours, you may be entitled to substantial compensation, depending on the route and the minutes of waiting.

The procedures are very simple if you turn to professionals. The No Problem Flights website has been managing the refund procedures for hundreds of passengers for years: just fill in the online form with the flight code and the place of departure to find out how much your flight refund amounts to. If so, our team will handle your entire file at no extra cost to the passenger.

Knowing your rights as a traveler is important, to enforce them is essential!

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